• Check and change filters monthly (if necessary)
  • Check all circuit breakers and emergency switches
  • Check thermostat setting and batteries
  • Call Accu-Temp to schedule Preventative Maintenance appointments
  • Keep mechanical rooms (equipment area) clear of all debris or any storage items
  • Outside units must be clear of all shrubs, trees, and structures confining the unit from operating properly
  • Call Accu-Temp prior to year’s end of agreement to cancel or renew agreement (courtesy reminder letter will be sent)


The following is some information on the essential steps to be taken to avoid any unnecessary damage to your heating / air conditioning unit. To avoid any inconvenience or void of your guarantee, be sure to follow the instructions below.

  1. When you start up your A/C in Spring, you should feel cold air coming out of the vents within fifteen (15) minutes. If not, shut the system off and call for service.
  2. Prior to starting up your unit, ensure that all of the filters are clean.
  3. Ensure that the outside condenser fan, on the top of the unit, is operating.
  4. Remove all debris from the unit, as well as any surrounding the unit. This includes leaves, plastic, etc.
  5. IMPORTANT: Do not at any time start, stop, and restart the A/C unit within three minutes. Failure to do this may damage the compressor. Any damage to the compressor from this occurrence cannot be covered under the warranty if the system is not properly operated.
  6. Check that the circuit breakers, in the garage or basement, are on before testing the unit, and that the emergency switch, at your mechanical room or furnace, is on. Make sure all heating unit doors and panels are in place. Check the outside (box on house located by condensers) breakers or pull that they are in the “on” position. Remember to leave the cool switch off on the thermostat while checking breakers so as not to jolt start the unit. After you checked the breakers, you may set the thermostat to cool, fan on auto, and set the thermostat below room temperature. During the heating season, set the thermostat above room temperature.
  7. Never operate the unit lower than 70 degrees, to prevent oil migration from the compressor.
  8. Shut off humidifier during cooling season.
  9. Following similar instructions in the heating season. Check filters and humidifier during the heating season.

By following these instructions, it will avoid any inconvenience to your HVAC system. Maintenance is your responsibility e.g. Filters should be changed four (4) times a year. Please feel free to call Accu-Temp on a service call basis if, for any reason, you cannot maintain the system. Please follow the above directions fully. Any service calls found not to follow above instructions will be charged at our hourly rate, and must be paid to continue your warranty.